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Themed Gift Cans

Life has lots of "stuff".  Now you can store it in these clever decorated cans.  Or use them to deliver that special gift.


Paint Can - Baby Themed - This is a wonderful way to present a gift card or small gift... or use it on a baby's dresser to store everything from cotton balls to pacifiers.

Paint Can - Easter Themed - Use this instead of an Easter basket for candies and small gifts.

Paint Can - Wedding Themed - This is a great way to give the bride and groom a gift card or even cash crumpled up... the looks on their faces when they realized what it is would be priceless.

Paint Can - Birthday Themed - Great gifts come in small packages !!

Paint Can - Halloween Themed - A great way to give your favorite goblin their Halloween candy.

Paint Can - Christmas Themed - Use like an advent calendar and place 24 numbered pieces of candy or other small surprises.

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